The vibration sensor experts

Nestled in a region in France that is one of the global epicenters of piezoelectricity, microtechnics, microelectronics, mechatronics, and microsensors, VibraSens is at the leading edge of vibration sensor technology.

Boasting a wide range of products from industrial piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration sensors, microsensors for OEMs, MEMS sensors, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners to junction boxes, low noise cable assemblies, connectors, accessories, and calibration equipment. VIbraSens is the option for your entire list of vibration needs.

Industrial and laboratory IEPE Sensors

Applications: rotating industrial machinery like motors, fans, pumps, paper machine rolls, wind turbines, etc.
Frequency response: from 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz with noise as low as 0.5 ug /√ Hz. 
ranges from 10 mV/g (500 g dynamic range) up to 1000 mV/g (8 g dynamic range).
Connector: MIL-C-5015, M12, or Tailored integral cable. Top or side exit to choose from.
Choose from single-axis, triaxial, or OEM variants and fine-tune parameters to your needs. Download the catalogue above or call us for assistance.

4-20 MA sensor solutions

Applications: continuous trending of overall machine vibration of industrial machinery. Direct connection to PLC with a 4-20 mA card.
Frequency range: velocity 3-1000Hz, acceleration 3-10000Hz.
Measurement range:
variants according to your specification.
Connector: MIL-C-5015, M12, or Tailored integral cable. Top or side exit to choose from.
Optional temperature output. Optional acceleration raw output. ATEX approved options are available. Lifetime warranty on the Hermetic seal.
Download your VibraSens catalogue above today and call us for assistance.

Accessories, Cables, Connectors, Junction Boxes and transmitters

For more information on VibraSens accessory products and peripherals please download our catalogue above or call us for more assistance.