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Our tachometers are designed for applications such as Motor Speed/Conveyor Speed/Fan Speed/Length Measurements that measure rpm of motors or shafts, either contact or non-contact with Laser style combination tachometer.

Lightweight ergonomic designs built for the field.

From 1-99,999 RPM sensing range.

Optional NIST traceable calibration certificates.

Data logging with continuous, single unit or statistics modes.

Built in memory with USB output.

Programmable multiplier to convert reading based on wheel diameter, gear ratios etc.

On screen hi-lo limits for pass/fail analysis.

Reversible display.

Threaded mounting for tripod use.



Stroboscopes designed for quality control, motion analysis and maintenance procedures included, production line checks, gear movement and engagement, propellers, turbines, monitoring vibrating parts, oil leak checks and a host of other industrial and scientific operations.

Highly accurate speed control with drift free operation.

Accepts inputs from optical tachometers for external triggers.

Easy to use controls with LED display.

Phase shift adjustments allows for movement of your measured object to desired positions.

Easy 2x and x1/2 flash rate adjustment buttons.

Rechargeable to 100% in just 5-hours.

force gauges

Force Gauges2T

Digital and mechanical force gauges to suite every application from low capacities (0.5 lbs) to high capacities (1,000 lbs). Our gauge’s features range from simple, no output models to highly sophisticated units that provide memory, statistics and data output. Our gauges are known for their strong construction and highly accurate measurements.

100Hz sample rates.

Selectable Auto-Shut Off.

Accuracy of ~0.2%

Compact size.

USB, RS-232 and Analog Outputs included.

Automatic calculation and display of statistics.

9 separate capacities from 0.5 Lb to 200 Lb.

200% overload capacity.

Built in programmable hi-lo alarm limits.

Rugged die cast aluminium housing and rugged construction.

Reversible display.

Includes traceable calibration certificate.

Free data logging/graphing software provided, for sampling up to 100 readings/second.

2 year warranty included.


torque gauges

Torque GaugesT

A torque product line that is suited for accurate and precise testing.

Display operates in numerical or graph modes, both including a directional bar graph.

Four modes f operations; Peak, First Peak, Preset and Track mode.

Memory with group categorization.

Free software for viewing graphing and analyzing data on PC.

Large back-lit auto-reversible display.

Programmable hi-lo tolerances combined with comparator NPN/PNP output allowing usage in quality control production lines.

Factory supplied calibration certificate.