Spectranalysis (Pty) Ltd stocks the world’s best brands for condition monitoring, balancing and alignment, stroboscopy and speed testing. Follow the links to our brands here below.

Nestled in a region in France that is one of the global epicenters of piezoelectricity, microtechnics, microelectronics, mechatronics, and microsensors, VibraSens is at the leading edge of vibration sensor technology.

Boasting a wide range of products from industrial piezoelectric accelerometers, vibration sensors, microsensors for OEMs, MEMS sensors, vibration transmitters, signal conditioners to junction boxes, low noise cable assemblies, connectors, accessories, and calibration equipment. VIbraSens is the option for your entire list of vibration needs.

For 35 years we have developed and will continue to develop high quality and easy to use products with great added value. 

With cutting edge technology and innovation we strive to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering advanced analytics tools that translate into immediate solutions.

Our vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, online monitoring and precision alignment products become the protagonist of countless reliability improvement initiatives.

We highlight efficiency, quality and innovation with commitment and loyalty to our customers as core guiding principles of our team.

A tradition of excellence… NIDEC-SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of force, torque and speed evaluation instruments and accessories.

Established in 1998, BSWA Technology Co, Ltd is an acoustical company covering the business of;

Manufacturing world class measurement microphones.

Developing acoustic measurement systems and devices.

Designing and building anechoic chambers.

Acoustical consulting for environmental and noise projects.

BSWA is fully committed to Quality Management ensuring that every product meets strict standards in performance. BSWA continues to invest in new machine tool technology, new methods of calibration, and new process control methods to further microphone and related equipment technology while reducing manufacturing costs.