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Dragon Vision – Video Deflection Technology

Wouldn’t it be easier and more cost effective to take a video of a problematic machine in your factory from your iPhone and immediately get access to vibration data from that machine? To be able to represent the vibration of that machine in data format as well as operationally in moving picture format is difficult to do but Dragon Vision brings it all together.
Dragon Vision is video deflection technology that offers vibration analysis software that tracks movement within ordinary video recordings.The software then converts this primary analysis into vibration signals.
With a standard iPhone XS in slow motion video recording you can collect thousands of points of data with a resolution in amplitude of 2.54 Microns and a frequency range of 120Hz. This is capable of allowing you to identify and solve common issues such as; imbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, bent shaft, eccentricity, resonance, electrical noise and more. Using it to perform Operational deflection shapes on your product could mean the difference between passing your standards testing or not. 
Designed, built and priced with the end-user in mind.


Not all wireless is created equal. Never compromise your data acquisitions needs based on poor battery life, low fMax or high noise floor technology. Phantom’s BLE technology guarantees optimal life and system performance.
Vibration, Amperage, Temperature, Speed and an open module allow for a complete monitoring package.
With triaxial vibration, FFT integral, Octave bands and Orbits, 6400 lines of resolution, 10KHz fMax and programmable RMS trigger. Stream data via wifi, 4G or ethernet. With a free access SQL databse you can access information locally or via the cloud and export data in Excel, CSV, open file formats or query the database using any SQL query tool.


EI-Wiser 3X is our latest addition to the Erbessd revolution of condition monitoring and route based analysis and reporting.
The EI-Wiser 3X is a triaxial acceleromter with a wireless connection that links to not only the DigivibeMX, Wiser Apps and EI Analytic platforms from Erbessd but can also connect to any Data Collector in the world via the addition of the EI-Universal wireless receiver.
The triaxial sensor has an additional channel making it a 4-channel data collector that you can use effortlessly to collect acceleration, velocity, displacement and envelope of acceleration in one simultaneous recording.
With this handy and fully mobile sensor you can record data and balance a piece of equipment on site, at a safe distance without being connected with wire to the instrument.
Improve your productivity and data reliability with the EI-Wiser 3X triaxial vibration sensor and data collector.
15 kHz Frequency Range
Rechargeable Battery
IP67 Protection 
Automatic Turn-off function
30M operating distance
5-pin Lemo connector for additional sensor
Compact, Rugged, No Messy wires. 


The DigivibeMX Family are the best systems for Dynamic Balancing, Vibration Analysis and Collecting Data. 
The DigivibeMX M10 is a dynamic balancing analyzer that allows you to balance equipment on site as well as on a soft bearing system balancing machine. Equipped with graphic polar plots, a balancing calculator, calculators for drill depths and plate sizes, an automatic report generator and much more.
The DigivibeMX M20 is a vibration and route analyzer equipped with time wave form, FFT spectra, route analysis, 3D waterfall plots, BODE analysis, Phase analysis, 3D ODS shapes, a database of 20000 bearings and an intuitive database. Your vibration analysis needs are all taken care of.
The DigivibeMX M20 is the fully equipped dynamic balancer and vibration analyzer with all the features listed above. This is the master analysts dream.


The perfect wireless add-on for all DigivibeMX users. Also compatible with Wiser Vibe and Wiser Balance on the IOS App Store. With 2.4GHz wireless accelerometer, rechargeable battery, up to 10 hours of continuous use, 5-pin Lemo connector for additional accelerometer, tachometer or temperature sensor, IP67 protection grade, Stand-by mode and a 30m operational distance you can make route based data collection risk and hassle free.


EI-Shaft Ace is the easiest to use laser alignment experience available. The simplest 5 step alignment process is so intuitive that most users can start performing laser alignments right out of the box.
3D animation of the equipment.
Diode laser with laser wavelength 635nm, class II.
Digital CCD detector.
IP65 protection.
Up to 20 hours of operating time.


Our balancing machines take advantage of our exclusive soft bearing suspension system and the new algorithm of the DigivibeMX to reach a balancing quality grade higher than ISO G2.5. High-precision balancing in just 2 runs.
Look for EI-30, EI-300, EI-1000 and EI2000 balancing machines allowing you to balance 30Kg, 300Kg…etc equipment.
We also offer customized quotations and consulting on larger balancing machines up to 45 Tonnes.


Increase precision with your own high quality, home made balancing machine.
We supply our exclusive soft bearing machines and diagrams, you build the rest.
With our 30, 300, 1000, 2000Kg Soft bearing suspension kits with additional accessories you have the choice of manufacturing your balancing machine in house, reducing the cost of the machine and improving the performance of your parts.