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Selection of versatile Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement and Temperature sensors.

High Resolution, Precision Piezoelectric Shear Mode Sensing Structure, Dual Shielding, All Welded Stainless Steel Construction, Lifetime Calibration Service and an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. Our range of CTC accelerometers will never let you or your plant down. AC102 vibration sensors have 100mV/g sensitivity and are the standard multipurpose vibration sensor.

The complete range consists of;

Multipurpose, varying sensitivity, High Frequency, Low Frequency, Top or side exit, 2-pin MIL connectors, M12 connectors, integral cables, stud or magnet mount, triaxial, biaxial, low cost sensor options, compact small size sensors, High temperature, Modal/ODS accelerometers, Dual output temperature and acceleration, Velocity sensors, Non-arcing and non-sparking grades, Intrinsically safe IECEx sensors.

All the above options are available in Loop Powered applications.

Cables And Connectors and connector kits.

The worlds toughest cables and connectors. Rugged, mechanical construction, Back-filled with epoxy or injection molded to cables, Portable and permanent monitoring designs. 

CTC cables and connectors are manufactured to meet our rigorous standards for low noise, high mechanical strength and resistance to harsh plant environments.

Choose for replacing portable measurement cordsets for 01dB MOVIPACK MVP, A4300 A4900 A4910 and NRS VA3, BENTLEY SNAPSHOT, BENTLEY SCOUT and COMMTEST vb SERIES, CSI 2110 2115 2120 2130 and TRIAXIALS, VSA Analyzers, DI-225-D, AZIMA DLI DCA-31, WATCHMAN DCA-31 DCX and DCA-50, ENTEK/IRD dataline dataPAC and enpac, SCHENCK VIBROTEST 60, MX300 DATA LOGGER, MICROLOG CMVA10 CMVA55 CMVA60 and CMXA, LEONOVA DIAMOND SINGLE and TRIXIAL SERIES.

Choose cabling in polyurethane, Teflon, Thermoplastic, armored, hi-temperature for up to 16 pairs. with much more versatility available. 

Featuring, 2-pin, 3-pin, 5-pin, Lemo, Fischer, M12 and more connection options.

Junction Boxes, Switch Boxes, Cable termination and Reduction Boxes.

With a wide variety of junctions boxes from 1 channel to 48 channels, you only pay for the number of channels that you require. All of our enclosures with latching doors feature NEMA 4X(IP66) ratings to ensure that they will stand up to outdoor environments, as well as tough factory environments. 

Available in Stainless Steel or Fiberglass.

Switch boxes up to 48 channels making route collection safer and quicker.

Signal management boxes up to 48 channels.

Dual output Switch boxes up to 32 channels.

Triaxial switch boxes up to 12 triaxial sensors.

Modular MAXX boxes that allow for small channels and then the addition of more when needed.

Cable termination boxes.

Cable reduction boxes up to 16 cables into one cable output.

Flexx Boxes allow you to change and integrate modules as needed for custom needs.



Mounting Hardware

Custom engineered to meet the demanding needs of vibration analysis professionals. if you need high pull strength magnets, low cost mounting targets, high frequency quick disconnects, probe tips, adhesives or fin mount probe pads to fit between cooling fins you will find them here.

PRO Series Systems

Relay Systems, High Temperature Sensors, Signal Conditioners, Loop Power Sensors, Proximity Probes, Power Supplies and more. 

The SC200 series Signal conditioners identify transient faults and guard against failure between monitoring cycles.Including easily removable plugs with key alignment to avoid miswiring.

XE150 and XE150T enclosures allow for up to 8 SC200 signal conditioners.

ViPR vbration Protection & Relay systems for 4-20mA retransmission for use with PLC, DCS or SCADA systems.

Hazardous Area factory configured vibration signal controllers.

Customized Condition Monitoring Solutions

Your full custom made condition monitoring hardware solution is waiting for you. 

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