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Measurement MicrophonesT

As experts in measurement microphones, BSWA has been manufacturing measurement microphones for sound level meters and resellers for over 10 years. Our range includes, Array microphones, ICCP and TEDS microphones,  TEDS reader and writer, Sound intensity probes, outdoor microphones, studio microphones, spherical surface fixture, microphone arrays, binaural microphones, microphone capsules, preamplifiers, microphone conditioning units and calibrators.



The data acquisition hardware produced by BSWA is suitable for collecting data for noise and vibration measurement. The input

channels supply ICCP power current. It is very convenient to be used with all kinds of ICCP type microphones or other sensors.

Most BSWA data acquisition hardware has output channels, and can be used for audio and impendence measurements.

Including, 2 channel with/without gain and 4 channel analyzers, VA Lab software and additional modules.

Sound level meter

BSWA 308 adT

BSWA 308 and BSWA 309 sound level meters are low cost Class  1/ Class 2 integrating sound level meters. They comply with IEC61672 standards. Industrially designed housings with comfort and style. 

Additional products include, BSWB803, BSWB805 and BSWB 801 SLM and these are the OEM versions of Svantek Sound Level Meters with BSWA integrated microphones.

sound intensity





The Sound Intensity Probe is built using ICCP type preamplifiers. SI512 is fitted with remote-control functions. It complies with IEC 1043 Class 2 Standard. Based on the technique of simultaneous determination of sound pressure and particle velocity by two closely spaced microphones, SI512 can be directly connected to ICCP inputs. With an USB end connected to the PC, SI512 can be remotely controlled to perform sound intensity measurements.





Calibration of measurement microphones, sound level meters, and other sound measurement equipment and checking the linearity of equipment.


CA114/115 and CA111.

Conforms to IEC60942:2003 Class 1/Class 2, ANSI S1.40-1984, and GB/T 15173-1994.

1 kHz calibration frequency for all weighting


94 and/or 114 dB sound pressure level.

Calibration accuracy ± 0.3 dB.

Designed with highly stable level and frequency.

Fits 1/2” microphones and 1/4” microphones with


outdoor noise

Outdoor Noise


Outdoor microphones are for outdoor uses such as the outdoor acoustic measurement or community and traffic noises monitoring. BSWA outdoor microphones are fitted with a windscreen, a rain protection, and a bird spike to protect them from wind, rain, snow and other atrocious weather. An adapter pole is also included in the package which helps to connect the outdoor microphone to a

camera and which also plays a role for protecting the cable.

NMT1000 is a Hyper-Integrated noise monitor system that can be left unattended and store data for 12-48 days and transmit data over GPRS to a PC.