TSE Engineering, A Complete Turbo Fan Balancing Solution

Trust us, this is a good read. Unique equipment set-up.


Turbo Systems & Engineering (Pty) Ltd was established in 2007. It’s aim is to provide a precision engineering service to the high speed rotating equipment industry. They recently acquired a DigivibeMX M10 Dynamic Balancing System from us in order to compliment the build of their brand new high speed fan balancing machine.


On the 26th October 2018 Spectranalysis (Pty) Ltd had the pleasure of supplying our DigivibeMX M10 Dynamic Balancing machine to TSE engineering in Pretoria.

TSE Engineering has an interesting set-up. The drive unit for the rig is a big block V8 Chevrolet engine that feeds directly to a 1:5 ratio step up gear box. The remote control for the unit is hard wired into a control room and this is where the M10 Dynamic Balancer lives.

A casing encloses the steam turbine pinion where a vacuum pump creates a negative pressure (vacuum) to reduce drag on the turbine wheel as well as significantly reduces the heat that would be generated when run in atmospheric conditions.

TSE Engineering tested their M10 Dynamic Balancer on a 600mm steam turbine pinion for a valued client of theirs and the machine test went superbly with no problems. A trip speed was obtained at 9900 RPM thus qualifying the repair. TSE’s client was extremely happy with the result. This testing and reporting procedure ensured that the client could install their turbine pinion straight away without any additional tests.

We are extremely proud of this installation and look forward to seeing TSE Engineering grow into the preferred balancing house for turbo fans and other high speed rotating equipment.


Good luck TSE Engineering and congratulations.